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Dark Beauty is a magazine dedicated to artists, fashion designers, photographers, musicians, and actors who crave dark glamour. We provide a new avenue for promoting new and exciting talents who dares to push the envelope and bring such fantasies to life. Our focus is to highlight and bring awareness to bold talents from the darker side of the arts community.

Featured talents can share their latest projects and audience can gain insight into their creative minds. Advertisements are free for those who also promote Dark Beauty on related websites, public functions, and online social networks. We believe such partnerships will increase magazine readership and media exposure for the talents.
Full Series: http://bit.ly/1a1uurxPhotographer/Producer: Jesy AlmaguerConcept: IKCHA, Mariana Sandoval, Esaú RomoStylist: Mariana Sandoval, Grecia Ruacho, Elisa GarzaJewelry: IKCHAHair/Makeup: Debbie HarperModel: Ana María Rodriguez @ Orange Marketing

Full Series: http://bit.ly/1a1uurx

Photographer/Producer: Jesy Almaguer
Concept: IKCHAMariana Sandoval, Esaú Romo
Stylist: Mariana SandovalGrecia Ruacho, Elisa Garza
Jewelry: IKCHA
Hair/Makeup: Debbie Harper
Model: Ana María Rodriguez @ Orange Marketing

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